25 Years Coding

I put a draft for this post in November 2021 to write about this in January to release on the 25th anniversary of when I learned to code (January 27th, 1997, btw) but things got in the way and I forgot all about it.

But then over the past couple months I've been revealing a bit more history about myself online including the decade plus of experience I have working in the adult industry and how my curiosity coupled with the budding internet marketing industry fueled my passion for the web and my career on it. So today, although very late, I will give the full history of my career online and how I got to where I am today, but first we must go back…

Christmas '96

It all started Christmas morning in 1996, I was 11 years old and like every other kid my age at that time I was excited to open the Nintendo 64, but like many kids of that time, I opened all my gifts and there was no Nintendo 64.

But do you know what there was? A big box my mother explained was a gift for the whole family as she opened it. A Compaq computer running Windows 95 and was Internet ready and I was completely lackluster about the whole ordeal. I didn't care about computers, I wanted a video game system.

January '97 & Yahoo Chat

Christmas came and went and then the new year hit us, I was exploring Yahoo's services and see what they offered when I came across this link "Chat" with the text "New!" next to it and decided to see what it was all about.

I was dropped into my first ever internet chatroom and I became hooked… I was able to find people like me from all over the world to interact with and I found myself drawn to it more and more until I remembered my mom yelling at me at 5:30AM one day for still being on the computer when she woke up.

It wasn't long before I came across this one user, he went by the name of "Daz." Yes, it even included the period. I was perplexed, how did he get the period, no special characters!

One thing Daz taught me was that you didn't have to be a major company to own a website, anyone can build one and put it up. So he started to teach me the basics of HTML CSS wasn't really hot yet, it had just came out.

My First Website

After having all the possibilities of the web at my fingertips, I took my new found skillset and started making my first website. I don't remember much about what it was about, I just know I was edgy as hell back then and my site's name was "Poster Child 4 Abortion".

I published it on some free hosting sites back then. Never really got into Angelfire but was a fan of Homestead.com, so I put it there and started sharing it.

I treated that first website almost like a blog, before blogging became popular.

Soon after putting my own website up I started running into more like-minded people in Yahoo! Chat who also ran websites, that's when I found this genre called "E/N" or "Everything / Nothing". People blogged, shared jokes, put up funny pictures and anything else we could find on the net.

The Possibilities of the Web

There comes a point when everything in your life changes… This is that moment in my story. The moment I realized the possibilities of the web and what you can do. I was introduced to internet marketing, more specifically selling porn online.

Daz was instrumental in teaching me how to build on the web, but a new guy comes into the scene named com3, don't remember his real name but we'll call him Dave in this story.

Dave told me to throw up some photos of naked women on my website it'll make more people want to visit, so I did and I was amazed at what was happening. More people were coming to my site! I was ecstatic.

Dave then told me to sign up for all these "webmaster" programs. They would give you free content to put on your site and a special link which would make you money when they clicked it.

I was instantly hooked on the idea that I could make money online.

I dove head first in….

Come back again for part 2, where I talk about my decade long stint in the porn industry!

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