The type of CEO I aspire to be

I've worked for a lot of different people in the almost 25 years of being a developer, and in that time I learned a lot of different things from them. Some good, some bad. But mostly I learned exactly the type of company culture I want to cultivate and the type of CEO I want to be.

Customers First

By putting customers first we will be building a company that doesn't recognize "competition." Sure there's technically going to be competition. We're not the first and definitely won't be the last cloud hosting platform on the internet, but that's ok. Our main goal is to be the best we can for our customers. One thing I plan to do as CEO and founder of the company is to always pledge to be easily accessible and responsive to any customer who reaches out to me.

Employee Happiness

I always want whoever works with us to feel their mental health and happiness matters. This means a healthy work life balance, and under absolutely no circumstances will we have over time or chaotic work environments.

I want to be the CEO of a company where the people building the company are happy and the people buying from the company are happy. That is my goal.

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