Hello Ghost

Today, in the first time since I registered this domain in 2008, I am running my personal site on a CMS I did not write.

Today, I switched from a static site generated by Next.js to Ghost 4.0. You may be asking why I decided to do this, and it's a simple reason really; I wanted a better writing experience.

Yes, markdown is a good writing experience, but Ghost's editor is amazing. Not to mention all the added bells and whistles that come with Ghost 4.0.

My intentions with this switch is to write more often. The point of this site is to be my thoughts, stories and ideas… Why am I not writing my thoughts, stories and ideas more often?

Currently you can also subscribe for free, or monthly for $1 or yearly for $10. But I don't expect anyone to pay, currently. I just want to build a user base of people interested in my writings, and get my skills in writing better so that I can then at some point maybe charge for my posts.

I'm not exactly sure I am set on this theme.. I may translate it into my own doings still, but for now I'll leave this as is.

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