I lost my love for the web

I don't know what happen, but today's web world is not enjoyable.

I remember learning about the web all the way back in Winter 1996 and it was so magical.

Then I was taught about web development with HTML and learned that you don't have to be a major company to have a website and I was instantly hooked. I spent the past 25 years enjoying building and learning to become a better engineer.

I LOVED the internet so much… But lately that has changed.

You used to be able to build a website any way you want and share it with the world and people would marvel at the content, add links to your site on their site to share "traffic" and just spread the joy of everyone building on the internet and the idea that EVERYONE could build on the internet.

What changed? How we build.

Somewhere, someone decided that you must build your websites a certain way, or you're doing it wrong™ and some people have gone as far as to actually wish harm on people for the tools they decided to use to build their websites.

Seriously, what the fuck?

Who thought it was acceptable to attack people for having their own preferences on building websites, or because their goals were different?

Want to build your blog in React for fun? Nope. That's overkill and now you're a terrible developer.

Don't want to take the time to learn the deep inner workings of CSS, just to make your website pretty, so you choose to use Tailwind CSS? Better have an explaination or a whole hord of people will call your mother to ground you for being a bad person.

I personally have been shamed for daring to have critical views of a beloved tech company because I think they're trying to vendor lock people who choose their wildly popular open source framework.

This is why I lost my love for the web. At least the vocal minority or majority, I don't even really know, has been absolutely disgusting towards anyone who doesn't fall in line with their preferences or views on how to build websites.

Today, my love for the web died.

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