Reflections of the last decade

Another decade gone, where has all the time went?

A lot of stuff happened in the last decade. In the first quarter, I went full time web development as my primary job. That was a big thing for me, as I've been doing web development since 1997 (23 years to this day) and had always been doing it part time on the side. In August 2011 I got a contracting role that brought me completely into the industry full time, and since then have bounced around contracting and full time employment.

Not only that but I also went from being a strictly backend PHP developer to a full stack JavaScript developer after switching to Node.js, which coincidentally also improved my JavaScript skills so much that I do frontend too.

All in all it was a good decade for my work. I'm excited to see how the next decade goes as I transition from a developer to an entrepreneur.

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