What tech stack should I use?

There's a lot of talk around the maker and indie hacker communities about what tech stack should they use for their next project, and there's two possible scenarios I think one should consider when starting their next projects.

Scenario A: Do you want to learn new tech?

In this scenario you would use a real world project as learning grounds for a new tech you're interested whether it is React, Elixir, or anything else, then it doesn't matter.

If your intent is to learn new tech then I would say go ahead and use this project to learn that tech. You may be slower but your goal isn't just to ship a product, but also learn new tech while building it. Don't use how fast you ship as your metric on success here.

Scenario B: Do you want to ship a product fast?

In this scenario, then the tech you use does matter a lot. You should be using the most efficient tech that you know. It may not be the latest and greatest hotness, but the end user, your customers don't care about that. They care that the service they are paying for does what it advertises.

So if you move faster with PHP/Laravel and jQuery than there is absolutely nothing wrong with continuing using that to ship.

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